Symposion Journal is a website devoted to things aesthetic and intellectual about food. It links you to trends and developments in gastronomy, art and design, food studies and the philosophy of food, food science, literature, as well as current social, economic and political affairs about food. 

Symposion Journal regularly presents original, previously unpublished material, such as interviews, articles, and visual content. If you have a passion for food and strong aesthetic and intellectual appetite, Symposion Journal will become your ideal companion to gastronomy.


The name is inspired by Plato's philosophical dialogue, Symposion. The term “symposion” goes back to Classical Antiquity. It refers to a social gathering where the pleasure of good food & drink blends with the enjoyment of sociality & intellectual discussion.

Symposion Journal was born of the vision of a ‘reflective’ gastronomy. We envisioned an analog of a symposion where food professionals, thinkers and scholars will sit on Symposion’s ‘table’ to reflect and discuss about food ‘philosophies’ and practices, about standards of taste, about culinary trends and identities, about the aesthetic, moral and political issues raised by food. And a lot more. After all, food is also a reflection—a mirrorof our time.


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Mr. Xenophon Bamiatzoglou, Mr. Panos Kapetanakis (Founding Editor), Dr. Andreas Vakirtzis.                                                                       

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