Hargreaves & Levin

Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin met over several glasses of rose and quickly recognized their shared passion for all things food, photography, travel, and art. Their collaborations have spanned a decade, and they continue to push the boundaries always attempting to find a balance between beauty and the far fetched. With food as their favored medium they always manage to turn the mundane into works of art. 




Food Scans

Organized by month, Food Scans is a series that showcases the beauty and bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Just as produce picked at peak flavor requires very little adornment on the plate, such was the case with these pictures. Simply placed on the scanner, the artists are able to see every curve, nook, and cranny in incredible detail — and mirrored images allows them to explore symmetry, natural beauty, and the way imperfections and inconsistencies often become the most breathtaking examples of nature's artistry.

Power Hungry

Power Hungry shows how authoritarian regimes throughout history have used food as a weapon, systematically oppressing, silencing, and killing people through starvation. 

Harry and Caitlin want people to literally and figuratively sit down and look across a table to see the glaring disparities between the 'haves and have nots'. The world has clearly changed tremendously in just a few short decades. Swaths of the world's people, once routinely afflicted by sweeping hunger, have more regular access to food than before. Indeed, even some poor populations now face a greater threat from obesity than from starvation. 

Yet, tremendous imbalances exist in places both far away and closer to home. Many throughout the world are still forced to survive on the most meager of meals, or nothing at all, while a powerful few lavish in absurd culinary luxuries. 

The images of this collection are just a small sampling of the communities where such contradictions exist.